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Cementine Tiles

Love the patterns of traditional cement tiles and the powdery texture of concrete? Explore all the Marazzi contemporary floor and wall collections with high decorative impact, both indoor and outdoor.

Memoria: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Semi-opaque tiles and three-dimensional structures

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Alba: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Design continuity between external and internal spaces

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Carácter: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Guaranteed hygiene and safety

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Rice: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

A glossy finish and irregular surfaces

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Lume: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Gloss-effect porcelain stoneware

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Zellige: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Handcrafted-effect tiles

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D_Segni Colore: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi
D_Segni Colore

Coloured Stoneware Cement Tiles

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Work: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Concrete Look Stoneware & Wall Tiles

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Stream: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

The stone effect that recalls traditional marble chip tiles

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D_Segni Blend: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi
D_Segni Blend

20x20 cm cement tile-effect stoneware

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D_Segni Scaglie: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi
D_Segni Scaglie

Terrazzo Veneziano Effect Cement Tiles

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Alchimia: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Slimline XL Size wall tiles

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Outfit: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Fabric Effect Wall Tiles

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Appeal: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

The concrete effect whose beauty and practicality takes many forms

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D_Segni: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Stoneware Handmade Cement Tile

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Fabric: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Natural Fibre Texture Wall Tiles

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Fresco: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Plaster Effect Ceramic Tiles

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Chalk: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Concrete Look Wall Tiles

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Colorblock: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Glossy Wall Tiles for Bathroom

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Neutral: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

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Powder: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Concrete Effect Tiles

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Elegance: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Marble Wall Tile

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Stone_Art: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Stone Effect Wall Tiles

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Memento: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Concrete Effect Porcelain Tiles

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Pottery: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Glossy Tiles for Bathrooms and Kitchen

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Plaster: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Porcelain Stoneware Flooring

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Paint: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiling

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Materika: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Satin Concrete Effect Wall Tiles

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Interiors: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Bathroom and Kitchen Covering

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Clays: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Terracotta Effect Porcelain Stoneware

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Block: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Porcelain Stoneware Flooring and Walls

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Triennale: Cementine Tiles - Marazzi

Architectural Ceramic Tiles

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Marazzi Advice

With its tactile texture and subdued, powdery colours, thecement tile effect gives tiles a look that fits attractively into different styles, from industrial to contemporary and from rustic chic to new vintage.

Typical of the architecture of bygone days, cement tiles are all medium-small in size (no more than 20 cm) and square in shape, and have repetitive, generally geometrical patterns, although some collections include hexagonal variants and mix&match decors that introduce floral or more classical motifs for combination with the solid colour plain tiles. Cement tile effect ceramic tiles derive their sophistication from the perfect reproduction of the flaws of these historic pieces, with the uneven surfaces and edges typical of hand-made materials.

Cement tile effect floor and wall tilesgive indoor and outdoor locations a sophisticated yet informal look in medium and large size versions, and are a decorative, stylish feature in the colourful variants that imitate the small hand-crafted originals.

The Marazzi collections provide a wide assortment of cement tile effect ceramic and stoneware tiles, from small to medium-large sizes depending on architectural needs: kitchens and bathrooms can be decorated with striking customised walls, while lounges and bedrooms can be tiled with decorative ceramic carpets. 

Cement tile effect tiles are available in various surface finishes for the highest degree of expressive freedom - matt, textured, smooth or majolica ware effect, all inspired by these traditional ceramics..

Marazzi cement tile effect tiles offer a wide selection of solutions for indoor and outdoor wall coverings and floorings and pavings.

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